The Schoolhouse Quilt

The Bighorn Quilts Series

Book 1: The Schoolhouse Quilt

Eva Redmond arrives in Wyoming clutching a singed quilt in 1895. She hides from an abusive fiancé, but wants a home and family. Will Eva’s faith enable her to love and trust a man again?

Charles McLaine, tired of battling criminals, wants a cattle ranch. A Pinkerton detective threatens Eva and Charles defends her. When Eva is kidnapped, will Charles put aside his dreams and rescue her?

Book 2: A Golden Glow

Lydia Mahoney is jilted in 1905 and her dreams of love disappear. Outfitted with a wedding quilt and an instruction manual, will her struggle to homestead in the Wyoming sagebrush succeed?

Jonathan Grant longs to make his hotel a success, but a stubborn female derails him with her sick turkeys. How can he help Lydia survive when she won’t give up her ranch and marry him?

Book 3: Chasing a Rainbow

Jeanette Russell searches for her missing fiancé after WWI. She nurses soldiers and establishes an agency to find lost doughboys. But a war hero captures her heart. Which man deserves her love?

Allen Chambers lies in bed, covered with a tattered quilt, and struggles to heal after being gassed. He helps with Jeanette’s search, but can she love Allen after she learns the truth about his old war buddy?

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  1. did you write this book? and have you wrote any others? i would be interested in reading your books, do you have any that you can bring to bible study that i can buy and have autographed? let me know thanks joanie

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