The Real Colleen Coble

October 2012

by Marilyn Rhoads
Colleen is keynoting at Oregon Christian Writers’ Fall Conference this Saturday, October 13th, at Multnomah University in Portland.
(Marilyn): What was your original goal when you began writing?
(Colleen): I wrote my first story in the first grade. The teacher praised it, and the dream that I might write someday was born. All I wanted was to have ONE book in the library! Just one!
(M): What inspired you to write?
(Colleen): In 1990, my brother, Randy, died when struck by lightning. It made me realize if I was ever going to accomplish my dream, I had to start.
(M): Do you have a writing tip for us?
(Colleen): Encourage one another and be grateful. A Barnabas attitude will give you a lasting impact. Let your journey change you.
(M): What is something personal our writers don’t know about you?
(C): I love coffee. In fact, I’m obsessed with coffee. It’s a sad state, but I’m a total snob about it too. It has to be good coffee. But you all understand. You’re from the Northwest, where good coffee originated!
(M): How would you describe yourself to Northwest writers?
(C): I’ve never met a stranger! I love it when I can get out of my cave and interact with other people.
(M): What is your greatest regret?
(C): My grandmother died without reading one of my books. She made me believe I could do anything. I know she’s looking down from heaven though and is so proud of me.
(M): Tell us about your latest release, Tidewater Inn. I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. You hooked me from the start.
(C): I was standing in the St. Croix harbor about to board a boat to go snorkeling at Buck Island. I noticed a harbor cam, so I called my parents and told them to log on and we’d wave at them. I suddenly wondered what would happen if something happened to me while they watched from thousands of miles away. That was the seed for the start of Tidewater Inn.
(M): What about Lonestar Angel?
(C): I think it’s my favorite in the series. I wondered what would happen if a young woman thought she was divorced but wasn’t. And what if the child she thought had been killed in a kidnapping attempt gone wrong wasn’t really dead? I had to write it!
(M): Congratulations on winning a Carol Award at the ACFW Conference this September. We’re so pleased for you!
(C): Thanks so much! I was thrilled!
Meet Colleen in person or take one of her workshops: “Layers: Connect with Your Reader” and “Romancing the Idea.” Buy an autographed copy of one of her books.
For more details, please see and register for Saturday’s Fall Conference online.

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