Isn’t life funny? Or not.

We all start our lives fresh with high expectations. Little boys want to be astronauts and Indy 500 racers, and little girls want to be … the same?

Anything is possible, but does it happen?

My husband and I spent the weekend with college-era friends. We didn’t look quite the same, and enough years have passed that we can take stock of our lives.

Did we meet our career expectations? Our financial goals? How did our marriages turn out? What about the kids?

The Oregon coast had high surf and sunny skies. Unusual in February in Oregon and not something we expected to find. And you know what?

We decided our lives are unique as well. We’ve never grown up. We start a new chapter with every fresh endeavor. We keep writing our lives well–even when we don’t know what to expect next.

Have you met your goals and expectations in life?

What has changed from when you started out life as a 21-year-old?

What are you doing now?