Building a House/Building a Website

My husband and I have hired an architect and I’m pulling out old pictures from my dream file of houses, porches, arches …

I’ve measured every antique we own and drawn pictures of every room, with the furniture placed where I want it to go.

So far all we’ve done is have a surveyor come and have a site analysis drawn, in color, with the angles of the sun charted.

Oh yes, there’s the pesky permits I forgot to consider.

And the architect is faithfully drawing our plans while I wring my hands and ask myself, “What have I forgotten?”

Why build a new house? Because our Old Faithful has a birthday this year. This vintage farmhouse is 100 years old. It was built by the Rankin family in 1912 and has sheltered dozens of people through the years. We’ve lived here for a third of its lifetime! Unbelievable … unless you’ve met my husband. (The word move is not in his vocabulary.)

I’ve hired someone to build a website, and the guilt is overwhelming. Should I be doing this? Do I know how?

Then I remembered my building limits. A hammer and a nail in my hands means a picture or another blue and white platter is going on the wall. That’s the extent of my expertise.

The same is true of this website. Thank God for techies who know how to build me a new online home.

Come and visit often. You are always welcome!

5 thoughts on “Building a House/Building a Website

  1. Marillyn, I love your new website. Your analogy of building a house and building your new website is perfect. I am excited about what is next. Keep us posted.

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