A New Hope

An American Future Series


Book 1: A New Hope

 In 1854, threat of financial ruin drives two members of English society–Kendall Roberts, the Earl of Melrose, and Marissa Puckett, a professor’s daughter—to emigrate to America.

Marissa sews quilts bearing secret messages, but can she trust God to find love and create a new life while helping slaves to freedom?

Kendall labors to establish a plantation and gain respect, but he lays his dreams aside and risks his life to help slaves. Will he survive to find God and win the woman he really loves?

Book 2: Secret Love Notes

Susannah Ballard dreams of becoming a concert pianist as war breaks out in 1863. She rescues a slave boy and is branded a spy. Will her captor free her and return her feelings?

Captain James Alexander has achieved his first command. He is forced to write secret musical codes with a suspected traitor. Will his prisoner find room among the music notes for him?

Book 3: Dreams from Ashes

 Catherine Ware survived the war and fights carpetbaggers for her land in 1863. A Union colonel rescued her during a battle, but will God send someone to help her again?

 Benjamin Adams wants to heal from his war injuries and to farm. Assigned to Virginia, he meets a lady he helped before, but can she love a Union officer as much as her family’s land?

A New Hope

Historical Romance … with Suspense
100,000 Words

Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love. I Cor. 13:13 NLT

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